Why us?

    As true experts in automated media, we develop new processes that lead to growth by eliminating ineffeciency in media execution and providing solutions based on insights and experience.


    We are psychonomists with a high nerd level. Marketing is a way to influence human behavior and gain a share of mind of your customers. Anyone can run campaigns, we can maximise their effectivity for you.


    Growth is a process that needs to live within your organisation. In realtime advertising, 60% of time is wasted because of an inefficient operation. We succeeded in maximizing efficiency. By aligning your processes with ours, you will be able to unlock the full potential of realtime advertising at the lowest cost.


    Great technology comes at a great price, which introduces risks. In todays media landscape, choosing the right technology partner is key. With our experience in the development pit of adtech, we understand the technology behind the sales story. We are here to inform, raise the level of knowledge and help you make substantiated decisions.

    Our offering

    Brands We inform brands about the available media buying technologies out there, including the ones they are currently using. We have opened the black boxes of many platforms and would like to inform you what is really happening. This allows you to make smarter decisions. We have selected multiple platforms to offer you an extremely streamlined, effecient media buying solution. We can help your media buying team become as efficient as ours or you can leverage our international, multidiscipline team of experts to take care of it. With full transparency - in our business and results. We are not satisfied with "optimizing" your campaign. We will tell you exactly what is happening and why. Agencies Your organisation can benefit from our efficient operation by outsourcing realtime advertising campaigns to our team. We have access to multiple omnichannel media buying platforms and teams standing by 24/7. You can also leverage our deep knowledge in adtech to help you make informed decisions about building data-driven marketing solutions for your clients.

    The team

    Daan, Joe and Rudhra joint forces to launch a new type of company that will introduce an efficient media buying organisation using new technology in Europe. Daan has been a pioneer in online media, setting up the online devision of Media Initiatives Group. Joe has over 10 years sales experience in the online industry. Rudhra became a DSP expert after working in business process management industry.
    Daan Du Toit
    Joe Steyn-Begley
    Rudhra Adhin

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